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Are you searching for the perfect Star Wars baby items for a baby shower gift? The Milk Snob “Little Rebel” cover for baby car seats will excite Stars Wars fan dads and moms alike. In this post, we will review the best Star Wars infant car seat covers

In addition, we will compare the brand to the competing cooper pearl covers.

Why Get Milk Snob’s Covers?

Little Rebel Edition

On the plus side, Milk Snob covers are soft, durable, and versatile. The same car seat cover also doubles as a mother’s nursing cover, shopping cart liner, and more. As a car seat cover, Little Rebel will protect your baby from germs and weather in any climate.

Milk Snob Little Rebel also is the right size and stretchiness to fit nearly any car seat. The fabric is made from a proprietary rayon blend with 4-way stretch.

Hands down, Milk Snob makes the best Star Wars car seat covers through their exclusive license with Disney. The only thing not to like is that the covers must be hand washed to retain the fun pattern.

The Dimensions

Thanks to the amazing stretchiness, Milk Snob Little Rebel fits over almost any baby car seat. The unstretched dimensions of this fabric loop are 24 by 26” when laid flat (61×66 cm).

Milk Snob car seat covers are also large enough for moms of all shapes and sides. Even plus size moms and large babies have plenty of coverage when using Little Rebel as a nursing cover.

Top Features

Far Far Away Edition

The best part about Milk Snob car seat covers is the buttery soft fabric. Both baby and mom will want to cozy up with this Star Wars cover while nursing.

Another great feature is how the fabric can stretch four ways to fit over almost any car seat. Simply pull the fabric top to bottom or left to right to cover a baby car seat, depending on the size. This works because Milk Snob covers are made from stretchy “premium rayon blend” fabric.

Lastly, the fabric thickness is well balanced between lightweight and breathable versus providing shade. The mostly black Little Rebel pattern blocks out sun, wind, and cold to protect your baby. The cover will also deter strangers from touching your infant and spreading germs.

What We Like

We appreciate that the Milk Snob Star Wars car seat cover is multifunctional. The same cover serves as a breastfeeding cover or baby seat liner for public shopping carts and high chairs. This amounts to one less item for parents to carry around in the diaper bag.

This cover for baby car seats is also highly durable. Happy customers report that the fabric integrity holds up after several washes without pilling or getting holes.

And of course, we love the fun Star Wars pattern. “Little Rebel” car seat cover features the famous saga characters including Yoda, R2D2 and C-3PO robots, and Princess Leia. The name “Rebel” alludes to these good freedom fighters who are trying to stop the evil Empire.

Further, the black fabric with white stars in the background takes you to “a galaxy far, far away”. At the same time, the dark color protects babies from sunlight and creates privacy for nursing moms.

Lastly, we note that Milk Snob strives to create the best customer experience with fast shipping and easy returns. All car seat covers are manufactured and safety-tested in the United States.

What We Don’t Like

Little Galaxy Edition

Unfortunately, this car seat cover is not machine washable. Milk Snob recommends hand washing the cover in warm water and laying flat to dry to preserve the pattern. So if your baby spits up often you may want to buy more than one cover.

Also, while the Star Wars print is excellent for movie enthusiasts, it is not particularly feminine. You may want to select one of Milk Snob’s flowery or Disney princess patterns for fashion-conscious mothers. Because when the baby is done nursing, mom can wear this cover as a scarf!

But overall, there is very little not to like. Little Rebel is among the best car seat covers with 5 of 5 stars on Amazon and Milk Snob’s website.

Milk Snob vs. Copper Pearl Covers

In terms of quality and design, the closest competitor to Milk Snob is Copper Pearl. Both companies use rayon fabric blends and similar cover dimensions. 

A comparable Copper Pearl cover is just a few inches larger than Milk Snob’s cover in each direction. Copper Pearl covers tend to cost slightly less, but we expect you will get what you pay for.

Milk Snob’s biggest advantage over other car seat cover brands is its exclusive license to Disney and Star Wars patterns. They offer five Star Wars prints: “Little Rebel”, “Friends and Foes”, “The Child”, “Far Far Away”, and “Little Galaxy”.  We could not find another brand offering Star Wars infant seat covers.

How to Use a Milk Snob Cover

First, let us explain the steps for using Little Rebel as a cover for baby car seats. For long and tall seats, pull the fabric circle over the entire car seat from base to top. For wide seats, wrap the fabric around the car seat perimeter and then cinch near the carrying handle.

Milk Snob’s Star Wars cover is also easy to use as a nursing cover for breastfeeding mothers. Put one arm through the loop, then pull the loop over your head. Spread the fabric across your one shoulder and down towards your waist.

Next, bring your baby up and under the cover. The nice part is you can peek down at baby by discreetly opening the top end of the cover. For further instructions, check out the How-to video by Milk Snob.


We love pretty much everything about the Little Rebel Star Wars car seat cover, from the fabric to the versatility. Milk Snob makes the best car seat covers that are the right size and thickness for coverage and protection.

As one of the only brands with Star Wars baby patterns, Milk Snob car seat covers make great gifts. If this Star Wars baby seat cover will be gifted to a Springtime baby, May the 4th be with you! (May 4 is annual Star Wars day.)