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Car Seat Rental Many parents ask us if renting a car seat would ensure a smooth travel experience?  There are a lot of considerations to weigh as you decide the best course of action to take. You want to keep your little one safe on your travels!

We will guide you through the process.  Whether you are looking to rent a car seat or take your own you’ll learn how to have a Hassle travel experience with a car seat!

Get informed on where to rent, prices and other helpful tips for traveling with a car seat before your trip and you be off and away! We have all the information you need to have the best car seat rental experience! 

Why Should You Consider Renting a Car Seat

If you’re traveling with kids more than likely you’re bringing a lot of stuff with you, especially if you have multiple kids (like myself).  Between suitcases, strollers, and carry-on bags, car seats are just an extra thing to juggle.

Plus you need to keep track of your kids in a busy airport. If bringing your car seat sounds like a nuisance consider renting one. Typically parents that choose this option travel by plane yet need a car when they get to their destination.  They prefer not to take their own car seat from home.

More than likely they won’t be staying with family or friends who may have an extra car seat on hand.  To promptly get to their hotel having a car seat available at the time of a car rental pick-up is worth the extra cost.  For this reason, car seat rentals are a great service.  

Where Can You Rent A Car Seat?

Major car rental companies like Avis, Hertz and Enterprise all offer car seat rental options. All car rental companies have similar services.  At the time you place the car rental reservation you can reserve a car seat under added services.

Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, along with other car rental businesses offer car seats for any child that needs one.  You can get rear-facing car seats for infants and toddlers, forward facing car seats for toddlers and children and booster seats for kids.  

Weight, height and age guidelines can be found on their websites to help you make your choice.  They follow the same requirements that you’d find when buying a car seat. 

What Are The Average Costs For Renting A Car Seat?

Here is what you can expect to pay at the leading car rental companies.

  • Avis: $13 per day up to a $65 maximum, prices vary by location.
  • Hertz: $13.99 per day up to a $98 maximum, prices vary by location.
  • Enterprise: starting at $9.99 per day up to a $65 maximum, prices vary by location.

How Can You Save Money On Car Seat Rentals?

If you’re looking for ways to save money or want to avoid extra fees here are a few things to try.

1.AAA and Hertz: If you’re a AAA member you get a free use of one car seat with a car rental.  

2.Travel RewardsIf you have a credit card with travel rewards check to see if you can apply those to  your car seat rental.

3. PTA Membership:  Are you a member of the National PTA?  When you book through Hertz you can get a free car seat rental when you enter in the PTA CDP code.

4. Bring your own car seat from home: Airlines allow you to bring your own car seat, however that means needing to carry it around the airport with everything else in tow.  It needs to be FAA approved. If checking your car seat it is recommended to buy a travel bag to keep it from getting damaged.

Silver Car – The Free Car Seat Rental

Silver Car provides a free car seat rental.  This car rental service does not tack on an additional fee and only uses Peg Perego car seats.  These are high-quality seats.

They also make all the car seat rental arrangements for you. After you reserve your car at Silver Car email the company and let them know you need a car seat.  They will take care of the rest.

How To Reserve A Car Seat Rental

Most car rentals let you book a car seat online when you reserve your car rental.  Simply select additional services and request the type of seat you need before finalizing your car rental order.

Some parents have stated that a car seat was not available when they picked up their car rental, even though they reserved one online.  To avoid this it is recommended you call the car rental company at your destination to make sure they received your car seat rental reservation.  

What To Expect When You Pick Up Your Car Seat

Car Seat Rental PileThe cost of your car seat rental will be an added cost than what you were quoted for just the car rental so expect that extra charge when you pick it up.

For liability reasons, car rental staff don’t install the car seat.  They leave that task up to the parents so be prepared for that.  Car seat rentals should come with an installation manual. If not you can find owner manuals or youtube videos when you type in the make and model of the car seat. 

Car Seat Rental Tips


Is Renting A Car Seat Safe?

Is Renting Car Seat a Good IdeaSome parents have reservations about renting a car seat.  Are they safe or damaged? Are they clean? Do they come with an installation manual?

Car rental companies state they dispose of any recalled or broken car seats.  They also clean and disinfect seats between use. You also will expect to find highly recommended car seat brands. Major brands like Graco and Evenflo are standard offerings, plus they are not expired.

Consumer Reports did a review on major car rental businesses and found every company varies.  They report one car rental place had their car seat cleaned and stored in sealed plastic bags with the owner’s manual attached.  Other companies did not clean their seats and stored them in sheds. Some seats had broken parts.

Car Rental Companies’ Mixed Reviews

Parents who have rented car seats (from car rental companies) offer a variety of opinions on their experience.  Some report that renting was worth the cost and convenience and did not run into any issues.

Others state the rented car seat was dirty or worn looking.  Some did not know how to install it and had to guess. Several parents pointed out that you don’t know if the car seat had been in an accident or not even though seats have to be disposed of.

Do Your Due Diligence 

It is recommended to check with family and friends and ask for their recommendations.  Read up on consumer reviews of their experience on renting a car seat and select the company that looks best for you. There are alternative car seat rental companies that might be a good option for you.

Alternative Car Seat Rental Options

Car rental companies offer car seats as a value-added service, however, staff may not know everything about car seats, they just rent them out. There are other companies that dedicate their business to baby gear rentals. 

This ensures they follow strict safety standards and cleanliness. Plus they know everything about baby and kid stuff. Baby Quip is one such business. Targeted for traveling families, Baby Quip lets you rent out baby gear, including car seats, and deliver the items to wherever you’re going!

Have Your Rental Car Seat Delivered

You can have the car seat delivered to your home before you take off.  Or you can arrange a drop off at your destination airport, hotel, or house rental!  They will meet you wherever you need your car seat. How nice is that? 

Baby Quip prices are comparable to car rental places, usually between $10-$12 a day.  There is a delivery fee that varies by location. You will need to contact your local Baby Quip vendor for pricing.  Delivery fees include set-up and pick-up at the end of your trip. A Baby Quip representative will come to you to pick up the car seat.

Why You Should Consider Taking Your Own Car Seat

Some parents prefer to travel with their own car seats.  They are familiar with the car seat and find comfort knowing their baby will be in a seat from home.

While it is an extra item to bring with you to the airport families share that it’s worth it.  They have the seat already when they get off the plane. The car seat can be an extra space to keep a baby in during the flight, especially during naps.  You can bring your car seat on board if you purchased a seat ticket. This ensures extra safety during the flight.

Parents also have an extra peace of mind knowing their baby is in a seat that is clean and accident free.

Benefits For Traveling With Own Car Seat

  • No extra cost to check the car-seat
  • Car seat is easily retrieved from baggage claim when you arrive at airport
  • Car seat installation and safety are known
  • Provides an extra measure of safety during a flight
  • Don’t have to worry about lost car seat rental reservations

Tips for Traveling With A Car Set

  • Bring a stroller or check out a cart at the airport to help get the car seat through the airport.
  • If checking the car seat wrap it in plastic or purchase a car seat travel bag to protect the seat during flight
  • Clearly label car seat with your name

Travel with your family hassle free!  Whether you choose to rent a car seat or bring one from home you now have the information you need to make a decision.  Choosing what’s best for your family will give you the best travel experience.