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Maxi Cosi Mico AP ReviewMaxi-Cosi is a popular infant car seat in the market and the Mico Max 30 is its most advanced child safety seat. Well, it’s a complete infant seat actually. The seats hardly have any downsides. It’s really comfortable, lightweight and provides optimal safety.

There are enough reasons behind the product’s massive popularity. Mico Max 30 just got improved and in the new model all the drawbacks were removed. Well I must mention here that it is one of the lightest infant seats in the market.

This makes the Mico a highly portable product. There’s something you must also know, The Cosi can house children up to 22 lbs only. This can be a problem if you want to provide your children a car seat for a longer time. But those big convertible car seat aren’t good for carrying around.

The following review of the product will bring out everything about the product. It has been specifically designed for you to know the product better. We’ve compiled all the information found on the product in one place. Read countless numbers of user reviews and product reviews.

Then we have cross checked all the information to differentiate the best believable ones and presented below. We hope that this best infant seat review section will be pretty much helpful for you.

Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Review

Maxi Cosi can be a really handy helpful product for you as it is very portable and compatible with many strollers. This gives you the added benefit of being able to take the unit in parks, shopping or in flights. The safety is also up to the mark.

It will surely be a wise pick if you are looking for best infant car seat that will fit your budget.

Here’s a detailed discussion about the product’s features and maxi-cosi mico Max 30 review.

Unique Features

Maxi Cosi Mico has some promising features that can easily convince you to get one. Well the product seemed so simple and effective to me. It’s actually iconic in a sense.

The Mico Max 30 is a best travel car seat that comes with an air cushion on sides. There were a lot of improvements that were introduced to the new model of Mico. The new kind of fabric drives any kind of liquid away from the child.

It also deodorizes. The new model tries every possible way to make the child and their parents happy. It is really easy to set up and very easy to unplug. A handle is also provided with the unit. Its ergonomic design makes carrying of the product effortless.

The air protection is one of a kind feature available in the Mico Max 30. For the presence of this feature the Mico Max 30 is lightweight. The lightweight an infant seat is, the better it is. With a Mico Max 30 you can carry your child anywhere.

There’s a feature called Cozi Dozi™ that has been introduced in this seat. It’s really helpful in keeping the smaller ones intact in one place. This design is very safe for the newborns. They help them to protect the child with extra level of care.

The canopy of the product is a helpful one too. It has an integrated canopy which you can use whenever necessary. The canopy is also easy to open and store as it sides back to its place. There’s also a visor attached with the canopy what flips out and provides extra protection from the sun whenever necessary.

Well, these were the unique features of a Mico Max 30. These features are absent in other safety seats and draws the line of difference between Mico Max 30 and other infant seats.

The Basic

The Cosi AP is a very light weights infant seat. The dimensions are 17.5 by 18.5 by 25.5 inches. It can house kids from 5 to 22 lbs. Also, it supports kids up to 29 inches. The fabric can be removed easily. This allows easy cleaning of the car seat. It’s a very good feature that can make the Mico an ideal companion of your busy life.

The manufacturer claims it to be the most lightweight infant seat but a Mico Max 30 weights around 15 lbs where there are lighter models available in the market. Mico’s are produced in Thailand although the built quality is quite good and there’s nothing to complain about it.

The shipment weight is around 18.6 lbs. Mico Max 30 meets all the safety certificates which make the product safe for children. These certificates are important and you should always check them out before buying any kind of safety seat.

It’s a product that comes with higher user rating. Also, there are many satisfied parents who have own the Mico Max 30 and they have hardly anything to complain against the product. All in all it’s a best car seat for small car.

Safety & Compatibility

Safe enough! The unit tends to protect the child from every angle. The air cushioning in the sides works really as a charm. Well, head and neck is the most weak and sensitive place of your baby. I highly recommend you not to buy a product that has no side impact protection. The harness has five points.

The base comes with an LATCH which is also adjustable. It provides more tightness and safety. The AP in Mico stands for air protection. The name speaks for itself. The seat provides great amount of protection from sideways. Side protection is really an important feature. While buying a safety seat you should pay importance on it.

The Mico Max 30 has wings made of air cushions on sideways. This side protection is on the top of the line. When it comes to side protection air cushions tend to protect the child better than any other ways like high impact absorbing foams.

The unit is compatible with the modern strollers of Max Cosi and Quinny. Although it’s sit appropriately on other premium strollers too. So, it’s not only a car seat. The Mico is an ultimate traveling solution for parents with kids. Also, the cleaning and carrying of the product is child’s play. You can take it out and carry it around in your stroller.

Why Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30?

The first thing is, take a look at the sales of the product. Can so many parents be wrong? It is one of the widely sold products not only in the US but in other countries as well. Although it can give place for children up to 22 lbs, the unit is one of the safest and satisfying one in the market.

It’s satisfying for both the child and parents. And as per the name, AP means air protection. Yes, the product comes with air cushions on the sides. It will always be a wise pick. There are many more reasons for what you can get the Mico.

First of all, if you are looking for a safety seat that is both lightweight and safe then this product should be given the top priority. As it tends to protect the child with air cushions and the air cushions are very lightweight, the whole thing becomes as light as feather.

Another prime reason behind buying the Mico Max 30 is the level of comfort this seat provides. The material is so much cozy and there’s enough space inside the seat. This is a really good thing because sometimes the child can gain a little fat and maximum infant seats on the market are incapable of housing that extra weight.

Something should be noted here. The seat may not be too much comfortable for the child as it cradles the child too much. This way the seat can get warmer for the child. Also we recommend not using micro fleece clothing material for the child while it’s inside the seat. Though, these issues aren’t too much big ones.

Children can be very dirty from time to time. They may mess up the child seat with vomit or food. That’s why the safety seat needs to be cleaned from time to time which can be very tiring for the parents. But the Mico Max 30 is really hassling free in this case.

The cover of the best car seat likes – Mico Max can easily be taken out and cleaned inside a washing machine. While you do so don’t forget to use cold water. Not all the safety seats in the market come with features like this. A hard to clean safety seat will give you a lot of hassle.

And the last point that is noteworthy about the Mico Max 30 is its wide compatibility. This seat may be little tough to take out from the seat but it is very much compatible with most of the good strollers in the market.

All these points above make the Mico Max one of the most desired infant seats available in the market.

Experience of Using The Mico Max 30 

A close and personal contact with the product and its owners gave us clear idea of the product’s performance. Here’s a glimpse of my experience. Most parents using the product are satisfied with it. Also some parents also have some issues with it. Here’s a list of those issues that parents faced while using this safety seat.

Some parents claim that it’s a heavy infant seat. Certainly it’s not the lightest one in the market but the weight is not actually that much either. To some the handle seemed non ergonomic. Actually it’s true as it comes without a rubber grip and sometimes it’s hard to carry the seat with the child inside. Mico should have paid some importance in this side.

Another problem with the AP is often associated with the canopy. Sometimes it jams, doesn’t go in appropriately or doesn’t stay in the right place. Finally, the main drawback of the Mico Max is its lower weight carrying capacity. The seat can house children up to 22 lbs only. And it is not so good in housing the fat ones also.

These aren’t really much of a problem comparing with the benefits of the Mico Max 30. We’d say that it’s a product that will not let you down. Here are the pros and cons of the Maxi Cosi Mico Max –

The Pros

  • Lightest baby car seat in the market. This lightweight baby seat is very portable. It doesn’t feel a bit heavy even with the baby inside.
  • New kind of fabric that drives liquid away. It’s really a handy feature for long car tours. Also, there’s a canopy provided to protect your child from sunlight.
  • Comes in different colors and compatible with all modern strollers.
  • Very easy to plug in and plug out on your car seat and supports maximum American car seats.

The Cons

  • A little bit narrow.
  • Can only house kids up to 22 lbs.

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At the end, it’s such a product that is bound to fit in your budget. Getting this infant seat is always a good idea. There are enough reasons behind it. Its design is focused on the youngest kids. If your child crosses the 22 lbs then the child will not fit in the Mico Max 30 anymore.

At the primary stage it should be the product of your choice. Air will gently protect the softest parts of your kid, you can take your kid anywhere by carrying it in one hand. So, you’ll always have another hand free for other things.

Basically it’s an infant seat. Expecting a premium booster seat output from it will never be a good idea. After all these you will surely get that the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 is an iconic product. What has all the necessary features and quality of an infant seat and fits your budget too.