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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Review

The Disney Baby Light N Comfy is the kind of product that you and your child can fall in love with. The first thing about this infant car seat is that it’s extremely light and exquisitely beautiful.

The concept of infant seats covers the idea of being extremely safe and comfortable for little children. But there are also some things that matter. Among them looks is a great factor. An infant seat should have such looks that will go with the child.

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Not everybody can afford those infant seats rather most of them opt this Disney Baby. They serve the same purpose but look cuter. The interesting thing is that you will find it everywhere. What makes it so popular?  Read the rest to know.

Oh, the price! That’s also unbeatable too. Disney just won the whole infant car seat market with this product. It has got a higher rating and it’s very much popular. There’s no use of those fancy overpriced seat if you get The Disney Baby Light N Comfy.

There are some unique features of this baby seat. Come let’s take a look at them before we get down to the Disney Baby Light N Comfy review. This will help you to properly understand the product. A proper understanding can help you choose your pick.

We are not sure if you’ve ever noticed that our reviews aren’t for convincing you to buy the product. Rather to inform you everything about the product. That’s why we have not deducted this seat from our list so that you get to know the details of this best car seat.

This best convertible car seat for small cars has all the required attributes and safety measures to be trustworthy enough for your precious child. Like other premium overpriced infant seats it has five point harnesses with latches and latch storage. The product comes with two different color schemes.

Obviously someone with half a brain will know that Mickey is for boys and Minnie is for girls. This graphics work gives this best travel car seat an attractive look. Even your tiny winy kid will fall in love with it. Some infants just can’t tolerate those single colored seats and starts crying.

It’s one of those products in which you can carry around your child very comfortably. It is safe in one side and light on the other. When these two combinations are met the result is amazing. Trust me; you will not be wasting your money with it.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Review

Well after research and thoroughly checking out the product and talking with users who own the Disney Baby Infant Seat we’ve found the following points to share with you.


The seat only weights 14.8 pounds. It should sound unbelievable to you if you already have experience with baby seats. A similar product in the market weight is twice. With the reduced weight the car seat becomes very much portable. It can also be easily carried with the handle attached.

Remember, as infant seats the lightweight it is, the better it is. This, you will understand when you will be carrying the seat around with the child. Trust us; carrying extra weight can be really bothering.

As an infant seat you would want to set it up on a stroller from time to time. That’s when you have to unplug the seat from your car and place it on the stroller by yourself. Now, ask yourself, would you really like to carry heavy seats frequently. That’s why it is a winner here.

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The safety of Disney Baby Car Seat is approved by ASTM Safety Standard. It has cutting edge high impact consuming foam inside. This padding even comes in from sideways. You don’t have to bring this issue under consideration. Disney won’t mess with their reputation by handing you unsafe products.

Here we have some things to add up. If you look at the price and weight of the product you should bring the matter of safety under consideration. It may not be as safe as those premium infant seats pricing twice or thrice. The only thing lacking here are those cutting edge safety features.

For some models the effectiveness of these safety features are quite questionable that every parents must know. Where the safety features of it’s; quite basic. These features are enough to get pass the safety standard and requirement tests. This infant seat may not have those fancy named safety features but it’s great at providing the safety.

Beautiful Design 

Yes, beautiful it is. The printed Mickey heads and Minnie dots are really a charm. The colors are quite well too. The seat was not made extensively large by providing unnecessary foaming. So, you don’t have to carry the unnecessary foam weights. It doesn’t look too bulky to look scary nor too skinny to look unsafe.

We’ve observed many parents going after the good looking baby equipment. For them it should be a great choice. It’s the only child safety seat that has printed fabric seat cover. For baby boys the Mickey Mouse model is very popular and for the girls this seat is the ideal.

It is also a winner here as the other models may look modern and super safe but not child friendly at all. Your baby will grow to like it and ultimately it will grow fond of it.

Reasonably Priced 

The price of an infant seat may become a concern for some parents. Infant seats aren’t the only highly priced children equipment that one needs to buy. Keeping this in mind many parents look for seats that are best suited for their budget. Well, the Disney Baby is best in this criterion.

A pricey child seat doesn’t mean that it’s the best one suited for you. An infant seat like this one can also be a good one if you are a little tight on your budget. This seat is reasonably priced and allows you to save around hundred bucks for strollers and diapers.

This baby seat also has head and foot rest and compatible to various stroller models. Although it may seem like that the product is made with low quality materials, but it’s not. Rather it’s made of an ultra durable lightweight one. One thing that you must take note here is that, the baby seat is designed for baby girls. And sometimes it lacks compatibility with many common car models. Before buying, be sure of its compatibility with your car seat and stroller.

Let’s make things easier for you. Here are the pros and cons of the baby seat at a glance…


  • Inexpensive and durable product of promising quality.
  • Really safe with all those protection.
  • Exquisitely beautiful. Not too bulky, skinny or shabby. A product that you can show off with.
  • Very much popular with higher ratings and millions of satisfied customers around the globe.
  • Light as a feather weighing only 14.8 pounds, this is half the weight of other infant car seats.


  • Less baby weight compatibility. Can sit babies’ up-to 22 pounds.
  • Nothing else.

Finally, why would you waste more dollars when you can have the same products that serve the same purpose more beautifully? The Disney Baby has the only drawback, the incapability of housing babies weighing more than 22 pounds.

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We haven’t found any other errors with it. It fulfills its duties with proper care. It’s safe, it’s comfortable and it sells at a lower price. This is in a way the ideal deal for an average shopper. The seat kept on making us amazed as we seek details of it.

Those who are saying that this product is made of low quality materials and unsafe for children, clearly have no idea about infant seats. Instead of looking for errors of this seat we’ve tried to look for its bright sides.

They are among those who spend unnecessary dollars behind unnecessary features. I had the product checked and double checked it by experts who have assured it to be safe. The other thing that you shouldn’t forget is that, you just have to throw away the newborn seat after a year. Picking the Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Infant Car Seat for your child is indeed the right decision.