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8 Year Old in Diono Solana Booster

The Diono Solana Booster is a backless booster seat, which doesn’t have a harness since it is built for your ages 8 to 12-year-olds.

The Diono Solana Booster car seat gives you the best of both worlds. The bright colors allow your kids to choose a color they would love, while the hook strap ensures their safety.

Let’s dive right in as we examined the Diono Solana Booster seat.

Weight & Height Limits 

The Diono Solana booster seat is designed for kids that weigh between 40 to 120 pounds and up to 63 inches tall. Specifically built for your child’s comfort it also ensures the parents’ convenience. It’s easy-to-use and this feature makes it the textbook travel companion. 

The edges are integrated with latch connectors and front adjusters. So, securely connecting the seat to your vehicle is achieved in no time. Promising you stability and security all in one step. This backless seat is that boost your big kid needs to see the world from your car.

As a plus, the seat also has two swivel cup holders that can be used to store up drinks and a few snacks. It has a contoured seat bottom that assists in preventing submarining.

In the event of a crash, the energy absorbing EPS foam lining keeps the kids protected in all the right ways. You might not even need to change it after the crash if you follow the NHTSA crash guidelines.



  • Width at widest point 18.5 inches across the armrests and front
  • Seat pan depth 14.5 inches deep
  • Seat height ~4.5-5 inches tall
  • Weight 7 pounds
  • Internal seat depth at the widest point 17 inches
  • Width at the hips 14 inches.  Note the armrests flare out so the inside space is generous.
  • Width at widest point 18.5 inches wide with cup holders folded in

Top Features

  • Suitable for fast-growing kids from 40 – 120 lbs and up to 63” 
  • The Solana is designed for child comfort and parent convenience with user-friendly features. 
  • Has a containment for two swivel cup holders. Your kids can save their keep drinks and snacks by their side
  • The Integrated latch connectors and front adjusters solidify your child’s safety. 
  • The fabric cover is comfortable and easily removable for a machine wash.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to shuffle between vehicles or take with you on any family trip.
  • Available in various light colors.

What We Like

  • It can be easily installed.
  • Fit for children of several ages
  • Suitable for families on a low budget.
  • Locks in with great ease.

What we don’t like

  • The cushioning is a bit light.
  • Extra cushioning required to make it more comfortable for long distances.

Diono solana booster vs Diono Cambria 2 booster

The Diono Solana and Cambria are different models of the same brand. Individually they can be easily differentiated but as a whole, they are the same. The Solana is the lower edge of the Cambria. When merged we call them the Diono Cambria booster seat.

They both share the same height range, which is between 38 and 63 inches. Moving on they share the same weight capacity as they both carry contain within 40 to 120 pounds. With these products, you might not need to change your seats so often due to their range.

Sharing more similarities, the two seats have additional padding for your little ones’ safety and comfort. In any case that your kids need the store edibles, these two got you covered. They are built with two retractable cup holders, to keep them fed while you drove.

In conclusion, you’d realize their striking similarity by now. So, if you do not need the high back part of the Diono Cambria then I’d suggest you stick with the Solana. They can be sold separately to save you the cost of buying one that you do not need.

Diono Solana vs. Cosco (Dorel) Topside 

The Diono Solana and the Cosco Topside are nonetheless each remarkable on their own. However, the share a few differences and similarities that could affect your choice.  

We can start by checking out their range. The Cosco Topside has a height range of 43 to 57 inches, while the Diono Solana is 38 to 63 inches. This disparity gives the Diono Solana an edge as it accommodates a wider age of children. It open to younger and older kids than the Cosco Topside.

Another difference is in the mobility, the Cosco Topside weighs about 2 pounds which makes it one of the lightest boosters in its class. Compared to the Solana that weight a wholesome 7 pounds, you can easily pull the Cosco along with you without stress. Makes it a lot easier to alternate between vehicles.

After a severe crash, it is advised that you follow the NHTSA crash guidelines for your Solana, and then you are good. The Topside, however, needs to be done away with the crash. Trying to use it after a sever crash wouldn’t be safe for your kids. 

Finally, if the price is a big deal for you then you might want to drift towards the Cosco Topside. The booster seat isn’t just the lightest but one of the cheapest in its category. I fall several dollars below the Diono Solana.

Diono Solana vs. Chicco GoFit 

The Diono Solana and the Chicco GoFit are two booster seats that are on the same plain. With a little between them when it comes to pricing, they both stretch out to serve you.

The Chicco is, however, made of a fabric that allows for machine wash and spot cleaning. The Solana, on its ends, can only be hand washed. The Chicco also makes a great choice for carpooling with your kids. Your kids can easily detach and install them back with little help.

Furthermore, the Chicco GoFit can stretch out to about 19 inches in width. This makes it a bad choice for a three-seat across a situation. The Solana has a width of 17 inches but can be stretched out to the widest point of 18 inches. Nevertheless, this slight difference can permit a three-seat across with the Diono Solana booster seat.

The Diono Solana has a hook latch connector but doesn’t get a pass with the inflatable seat belt policy. On the other side of the coin, the features are interchanged. The Chicco GoFit doesn’t have a hook latch connector but is permitted by the inflatable seat belt policy.

With a few pounds between them, these two products are quite light to carry which makes them transferable. The Chicco weighs an astonishing 4.8lbs while the Solana weighs 7lbs. As a parent or caregiver, they both promise you the ease of carriage. However, it would be easier for your little ones to carry the Chicco around more conveniently.    

Diono Solana vs. Evenflo AMP Performance

After a crash, you might be contemplating if you can remedy your booster seats or simply replace them. The Diono Solana has been made with especially strong fibers that only require you to follow the NHTSA crash guidelines and then you are good to go. But, the Evenflo AMP doesn’t give you this luxury as it as to be replaced.

Also, with the Diono Solana, you only get the option to hand wash and air dry your seat if need be. The Evenflo AMP, however, allows you to use a machine wash and dry. Saving your stress and time that you could spend with your kids. 

As with any booster seat who doesn’t have a hook latch connector, the AMP performance gets an inflatable seat belt policy pass. The Diono gets the other side of the deal as it is girded with a hook latch connector.

In all, the two booster seats also share a few things in common. Lightweight (though the Solana weighs a bit more), same age limits, close child weigh limits (a 20 pounds disparity), and more. When stuck between the two seats, we can be certain that either of them wouldn’t be an entirely wrong choice.

Final Verdict

The Diono Solana is a booster seat that is equipped with integrated LATCH connectors and front adjusters. These provide stability and comfort all at once to your kids.

The booster seat can be easily connected to your vehicle saving up your installment time. Whether you’re taking them to school, a play date with a friend, an overnight visit, or a road trip, these seats work just well.

The Solana is super lightweight and allows you to alternate the seat between vehicles with ease. Driving with your kids shouldn’t be damped and neither should your booster. The Booster seat comes with a variety of bright colors to allow your little one to have their favorite colors.