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Car Seat Safety Guide

Using a safety seat for your child can be the best gift for your child when you are driving with your child. Many countries, especially every state of the United State has made the using of safety seats for children compulsory.

You will not be allowed to take your newborn baby to your home without having the perfect car seat for your infant. It is now a necessary need for the parents and the children. Child safety seats are able to reduce the risk of injury from any accidents. Children of any age can stay safe in their safety car seat.

According to the information on CDC’s Fact Sheet on Child Passenger Safety, we have learned that the using of safety child seat has reduced the percentage of the child’s death in the road accidents.

It has reduced the risk of death to infants whose ages are under 1 year about 71% and to the children whose ages are 1-4 years about 54% of the vehicle accidents. Only the right car seat selection for the children has brought the revolutionary change in the history of baby safety.

Buying a safety car seat for children is a great crucial precaution of safety for the family who has small children. To give the highest security to our children, we have to learn first about the safety of car seat, proper seat selection, its installation and the best usage.

The new parents usually fall into confusion about the safety issue about their newborn baby. They should be more conscious about the car seat safety for their kids and infants. To give the best knowledge about the car seat safety to the new parents, a question was asked to 20 experts of car seat safety. The question was:

“What is your advice or opinion for our new parents about the car safety to keep their children safe?”

This selected 20 people they have been given the question’s answer about car seat safety. So, here we are exposing their advice about the fact:

  1. Grainne Kelly:

Grainne Kelly is one of the founders of the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat and she is also a Family Travel Expert. She has brought a revolutionary change in the history of child car seat. Because she is an agent of former travel and invented BubbleBum which is the first Inflatable booster car seat in the history of this world. The first necessary element of child’s health is safety and the inflatable booster seat of BubbleBum gives the highest safety and comfort to your child when the child travels on the seat.

Her advice for the new parents:

Do not use those seats, which are not suitable for your children. Use the perfect one, where your baby will never stay unsafe. Using inappropriate seat for children can risk their life. So you should be well concerned about your baby that which baby car seat is perfect for your child’s age.

Use the 5-point harness seat for your child and it is the perfect one for your baby. When your baby crosses the weight 40 pounds and age more than 4 years, use the booster seat for your children.

  1. Jeff Boyer:

Jeff Boyer is the Vice Presiden of Global Vehicle Safety’s for General Motors.

His tips for the new parents:

First, you have to be sure about the seat that is it or not suitable, secure and appropriate for your baby’s age and size. Choose the right seat with your baby’s age and weight.

Without using the booster seat you cannot use the seat belt properly. Without the booster seat, the belt will be too big for your baby. When their weight will be 80 to 100 pounds and height will be at least 57 inches, the seat belt will be fitted for them. So the new parents should use the booster seats for their children.

  1. Haynes M. Studstill:

Haynes M. Studstill is a mother and she has three children. She is an attorney of nationally recognized injury of the child.

Her advice for the new parents:

The new parents should use the rear-facing infant seat as far as possible because your baby will stay highly safe in the back seat of your vehicle. Using the front-facing position is deadly for the children who are not more than 1.5 years old.

They can use the front-facing position when they will be near 2 years. Rear-facing position provides the highest safety for child’s head, spine, and neck. Do not let them sit in the front seat until they are 13 years old.

  1. Cherlyn Jenkins:

Cherlyn Jenkins is a super mom and she has 2 sons. One is 4 years old and another one is 2 years old. She is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and she is also a manufacturer and designer of the Cozywoggle, where seat coat is made.

Her suggestion for new parents:

Do not use bulky clothes and coasts when they sit in the car seat. Because the bulky dress creates the problem in getting the tight harness.

If your child faces any accident, the bulky dress will produce a space between the harness and child. Then it will not able to save your child from the harmful forces. You can use the specially designed coat for your child in the cold weather.

  1. Greg Durocher:

Greg Durocher has 3 sons and he has passed 12 years an instructor of Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor. Now he is the CEO of Safe Ride $ Kids.

His advice for the new parents:

Keeping children in rear-facing position is the safest position and use the position for your baby as far as you can. This position is five times safer than any other positions and it is proved. It is best to use the rear-facing position until your baby is four years old. Do not hurry to change the position; otherwise, you will compromise your baby’s safety.

  1. Dawn Yanek:

Dawn Yanek is a mother of a toddler and also the Blogger and Founder at Momsanity.

Her top tip for new parents:

The first work for the new parent is to check the buckle of car seat is or not snug and secure. You also have to be well concerned about the right spot of the buckle. Parents should take off the warm clothes of their children before letting them sit in their seat. Warm thick clothes are harmful to children. The car seat cannot secure the children in the accidents when they are wearing these types of clothes.

  1. Bryn Mackinnon:

Edmunds.com is a car-shopping site and its Senior Editor is Bryn MacKinnon. She is also a mother of two children.

Her tips for new parents:

You should inspect your child car seat by a certified technician of car seat safety. You can search the inspection station for child car seat by the inspection station locator of NHTSA. Do not compromise with your baby’s safety. Accident happens accidently and that is why always checks the performance of the car seat.

  1. Julie McCaffrey:

Julie McCaffrey is a Chief Brand Officer of PishPoshBaby.com. her works are related with the baby car seat and she is a professional in that sector.

The expert’s advice for new parents:

If you are in confusion that your child should now use the booster seat or not, then you can test the listed steps:

  • Is he able to sit with the wall of the vehicle seat?
  • Does the belt of lap stay low from his thighs?
  • Does your baby not slouch out of the car seat belt?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then your child has no need to use the booster seat anymore.

  1. James Bregenzer:

James Bregenzer is a new parent and he is a Serial Entrepreneur.

His advice for the new parents:

Search for the car seat in online, read the reviews and FAQs. After that select the right car seat for your infant. Read the instruction of the car seat to use it accurately.

Learn the using method of child car seat. New parents are not familiar with the using procedure of the child car seat. You have to know, how it works, how you have to install it in your back seat and also remove it from the back seat.

  1. Barbara Birkenshaw:

Barbara Birkenshaw is an Advocate of Child Passenger Safety and works for Volkswagen Group of America. She formerly worked as a representative of vehicle manufacturers under the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

Her tips for the new parents:

The national Highway Traffic Safety Administration is very dedicated about the safety of child passenger. NHTSA gives the best recommendation for the parents about the seat that in which seats their child will be fit.

The caregiver will remove your tension about choosing the right car seat and also it will save your time.

  1. Kristie Reeves-Cavaliero:

Ray Ray’s Pledge’s president is Kristie Reeves-Cavaliero and she is also a mother.

Her suggestion for the new parents:

She does not think that saying about the child car safety is just a tip. She thinks it is an extremely important matter for the new parents who always take their children with their traveling time. After being the new parents, they should always be concerned about their child safety.

Always keep the car door lock and make a plan of absence verification with the help of childcare provider. Parents should be known with the vehicular heatstroke which is a great threat to the children and the parents are not so familiar with this threat. This threat does not produce any car accident but still it is so deadly. We lost our child for the vehicular heatstroke. So the new parents should be conscious about it.

  1. Meagan Ross:

Megan Ross is the proprietor of STOLA. She is a mother of two boys and lives in Canada’s Toronto.

Her advice for the new parents:

Do not depend on others about keeping your child and infants safe. Always try to make sure the safety of your child by yourself. Always check the chest clip of your child before starting your journey. Make sure that the chest clip is in the right position or not. If it does not stay in position, your child may face serious chest, head, and neck injury.

  1. Lara Kretler:

Lara Kretler is a mom and is a blogger of Lara-mom.com.

Her advice for new parents:

Always check the seat has any hanging or loose straps which can slip out accidently of a car door without noticing it. I have shared the horrible experience of mine and the story from here.

My daughter was not in the car seat; otherwise, she would face a serious injury. After sharing the story may people also shared their own story who also faced it. So parents should be very careful about it.

  1. Sarah Skirpan:

Sarah Skirpan works at Dick Jones Communications as a Media Strategist. She is a mom of two children and they are not more than three years old.

Her opinion for the parents:

Always consult with the car seat expert who is certified. You can find the certified expert from your local police station. For my kids, I always check my child’s car seat when I go to install a new one. When I go for a long drive, I call the expert and he comes and checks the safety quality of car seat’s for our long drive. It takes few minutes to check up.

Always check the strap is twisted or not. Twisted strap loses the ability to hold about 30%. So twisted strap can bring harmful effects for your child.

Do not use the puffy or heavy coat for your children. It creates room and that is why the straps cannot come close to your child’s chest. So, if your car faces any accident, this empty room can be deadly for your child.

  1. Michael T. Irvin:

Michael T. Irvin is a Healthcare Consultant and also a Registered Nurse. He has worked as a nurse in ER and viewed many patients of the car accident.

His advice for the new parents:

Make the habit of pulling the seat belt after snapping it. Many times the parents do not take it seriously and think that their child is in the safety car seat and that is enough for child’s safety. But it is a wrong idea. That does not mean that they will stay safe all time. Always pull the belt after snapping to make sure that the seat belt is properly buckled or not.

  1. Janet Groene:

The author of Living Aboard Your RV is Janet Groene.

Her advice for our parents:

Knowing about only car seat is not enough. You have to also know about your vehicle also. We often use the same child car seat in many vehicles. The vehicles are also different from each other also. So you have to know about the installing of car seat properly so that you can install it properly. To know the installation process perfectly, you can contact or learn from the police station, fire station or the certified experts.

  1. Brenda D. Priddy:

Brenda D. Priddy is a mother of two girls. She is a blogger and also a lawyer of children’s safety.

Her tips for the new parents:

Make sure the seat belt fits itself properly and automatically. Again the children should always use the rear-facing position. Without celebrating your child’s second birthday, do not change the position. Otherwise, you will risk your baby’s safety.

  1. Jordan Perch:

Jordan Perch is a worker of DMV.com. He is an expert advicer on the car seat safety.

His advice for the new parents:

Always check the seat’s condition of installation and position. Whether they are done correctly or not. Read the manual where you will get all the ideas for installing the car seat without any hassle. Always install the seat in the rear-facing position and place it in the middle seat of the back seat of your car. It is the safest position for children. They will stay safe from side-impact crashes and your child will not face any serious injury.

  1. Caroline Tanaka:

Caroline Tanaka is the Co-Founder of Tidy Note.

Her valuable advice for our new parents:

We parents are very emotional about our children. We can do or compromise anything for their comfort. Like, if they want chocolate, we give them it instead knowing that chocolate will harm their teeth. But do not listen to them all time, because they are not well concerned about their safety.

My child first time complained about her 5-point harness seat. She said it is too tight but we did not do anything. After some days she forgot about that. If we listened to her and made the strap loose, we would compromise with her security. So like us, you guys should not do these types of compromise.

  1. Ross Travers:

The Director of C&A Mackie is Ross Travers and he is one of the best car seat experts. He is also a parent.

The valuable advice for the new parents:

Before and after being new parents, everybody should think and do everything plan wisely. It is very normal that you will travel with your child.

So to keep your child safe on the road, you have to think about your car first. After that, think about your child seat which will fit in your car. Research in online or take advice from the experts, to buy the original and the best one.

Do not buy a low-quality car seat. They cannot save your child from the accident. Again choose the right seat for your child which is perfect for your child’s age.

[This information is collected from: https://www.safety.com/blog/car-seat-safety/ ]