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Car Seat Buying Guide

Why you need to buy a baby car seat?

Because …

… Your child is at great risk when it’s inside a car.

Don’t you agree that there is more possibility of injury due to accidents. So, it must be kept protected inside a car. And car seat is the thing that you need most to secure your car.

It’s so necessary that there’s no other way you can carry a newborn to two year old child in your car.

Your child depends on you for its safety. So, it’s your heartiest duty to provide your little angel with the best possible safety instruments like – best convertible car seat for small cars. Baby car seat on the top of the list of things that you should provide your children.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that money can buy the appropriate car seat for your kid. Also, the variety of this product can make you dizzy. They not only differ in price and quality but differ in type, safety features and many more issues.

Remember: best baby car seats save precious lives. There are many proofs lying around the internet. Just “Google” it to see the records. It will surely convince you to buy a baby car seat for your child.

Come; let’s learn about all the things that you need to know before you buy one for your child.

Tips to Buy a Baby Car Seat:

There are so many things that you need to know about baby car seat. Without proper knowledge you will end up with a product that won’t be too much helpful. This will push the safety of your child to its limits.

First: Choose the Perfect Type

It’s very important to know the types of car seats that are available in the market. They serve different purposes. There are four major types of seats.

Here’s a short introduction about different car seats. I hope that it will help you to know about best car seats.

  • Infant Car Seats:

As per the name Infant car seats are for infants up to two years. They are rear facing and lightweight.

They not only serve the purpose as a car seat and often comes with detachable base and ergonomic handle what allows you to carry the seat in hand even with the child inside.

There’s also another added benefit of this type, it can be taken out and placed on strollers. They come without steel frames and kind of short in size.

Your child will outgrow it with the blink of an eye. But it’s a user friendly model what could be ideal as a primary stage car seat for your child.

  • Convertible Car Seat:

When your kid is done with the infant car seat, it will need a best car seat. They are called convertible because they can be used in both front and rear facing position.

A convertible seat can house kids up to 65 lbs. The price starts from 50$ and stretches up to 450$.

What you should do is keep the child in the convertible seat for at least two years. Then you can allow it to be in the forward facing position.

  • Booster Car Seat:

It’s the final stage of car seats for your child. If you don’t go for those all in one car seats then you should get one booster seat for your toddler.

They are not mandatory to be inside a car but if the ghost of concern doesn’t let you go that easily it’s better to provide your child a best booster car seat if you are willing to spend. Booster seats come with extra protective layers and stronger skeletons.

They are cheaper than convertible seat.

  • All in One Car Seat:

If you want a car seat for your kid that will accompany it for the longest period of time you should go for the all-in-one car seats. These seats work as infant, convertible and booster at the same time.

They can save you up to 800$ but this models have their limitations. Actually they provide the widest weight capacity stretching from 5 to 120 lbs.

If the growth of child is inappropriate, mostly if it grows too much in height these seats will become useless.

Now, you know the types, there will be very less possibility of ending up with an inappropriate model of car seat.

Second: Pre-Conditions

Some things must be brought under consideration before you buy a baby car seat for your little angel.

Remember, overlooking these issues can lead you to buying a worthless car seat. I will list these up for you. Know them, and you can tell other parents about them too.

  • It’s always a good option to check the weight and height of your kid just to be on the safe side. As sometimes age doesn’t match or your child is in the border line of any weight limit of car seat stage, you better take the measurements.
  • Your car also matters. Infant seats are okay for every car but convertible and booster seats can sometimes cause problems. If you have an SUV you will not face any problems like this. But setting up children or toddler car seat inside a sports car is a tough task. It’s better to test one if possible. That way you’ll be sure that the baby seat you are going to buy will suit your car.
  • Go to places what lets to test the car seat in your car. But if you are buying online this feature is handicapped. But the thing is that online stores like Amazon and others provide the widest product range and cheapest price. So, what should you do is read user reviews. Try finding if it’s suitable for your car.
  • Determine how much dollars you are willing to spend behind the baby car seats. Are you willing to buy all three types? Or you are just going to go with the all in one product.

If you give enough time to think about all these things, it will be super easy for you to buy the appropriate car seat.

Third: The Usage

When you buy best travel car seat give enough time to learn its usage. The result of wrong usage of a baby seat can be fatal.

Be sure to use it appropriately to ensure maximum safety for your child. The following things shouldn’t anyhow be overlooked.

  • Learn how to attach the car seat into your car. There is different locking mechanism that comes with a car seat. Some gets locked with your stock seat belts and some seats have anti rebound bars. The harnesses and belt locks vary from model to model. Know them for complete safety.
  • Give enough time to read and understand the user manual. There are also instructions written on the seats. They are here for a reason.
  • Most of the parts of your child’s car seat are adjustable. When you have the right seat for your child, start with adjusting the seat height, keep both comfort and safety in mind. Make sure that the seat sits tightly on your car’s seat. It shouldn’t move more than an inch. Next, place your child inside the seat adjust the harness and latches. At last check the reclining and tether is properly adjusted in the right place.

Now, the car seat is ready for day to day use. It’s not a product where you can just put your baby and be done with it. Proper adjustments are mandatory for ensuring complete safety of your child.

Baby Car Seat Buying Guide [Infographic]

Car seat buying guide Infographic

The goal of this infographic is to dictate you in buying the best baby car seat. We hope that it would come very much handy for you. Want to know the info graphics in detail?

Here is it …

Top 5 Concerns: While Buying A Baby Car Seat

Thinking about the things to give priority to is the primitive stage of buying a safety car seat. There are numerous things to bring under consideration. We have decorated the best and foremost topics for you among that huge list.

It’s very difficult to remember all the things you need to think about while buying a car seat, that’s why we’ll try to make this section as short and to the point as possible.

  • Priority-01: Side Impact Protection

This feature has been evident to save thousands of lives. Always go with a product that has side impact protection featured with cutting edge foaming technology.

Honestly speaking it will be the most prominent feature in protecting your precious child form getting a head or neck injury.

We must note here that these two type of injuries are the most fetal for a kid. Again, be sure that your desired car seat has side impact protection.

  • Priority-02: Five Point Harness

A five point harness is very common in all the top trending car seats in the market.

Whether it’s an infant seat or a convertible one a five point harness is very much necessary as it distributes the pulling force during an impact to its five points.

That’s why the baby inside doesn’t feel too much pressure in any particular area and remains safe and sound.

  • Priority-03: LATCH System

A LATCH attaches a child safety car seat to your car’s stock seat. It’s the most advanced system of modern times.

A LATCH firmly attaches the car seat with the seat and reduces a lot of hassle that you need to face. So, it’s a safe, fast and reliable locking system for your car seat.

LATCH system

  • Priority-04: Ease of Adjustment & Compatibility

Compatibility should be given enough priority as your car’s seat needs to accept the child safety seat. Always keep it in mind if you own a classic car or a sports type car. They often give trouble while equipping a safety seat.

Also, some models of safety seat are very hard to install. Going for them would be a very bad idea as you have to keep fighting with your car seat all the time.

  • Priority-05: Easy to Clean and Use

Would you want to spend a good deal of time just behind cleaning the car seat?

Certainly not!

That’s why you need a car seat that cannot only be installed easily but also be cleaned easily. Features like easy removing cover, waterproof materials and machine washable covers matter a lot by reducing the hassle of the parents.

What Safety Features to Look For in A Car Seat?

The goal of a child safety seat is to provide safety for your child. With that keeping in mind child safety seats are creatively engineered with numerous kinds of safety features.

Having a clear concept about the safety features of a car seat can help you in buying best baby car seat for your child. Here’s a short introduction to the major safety features of a car seat.

  • FAA Certificate – It’s actually a certificate for the infant seat that allows the seat to be in a flight. A FAA certified child safety seat goes through a lot of experiments where its efficiency of providing safety is tested. Only the best models in the market gets a FAA certificate.
  • Side Impact Protection – Side impact protection means an extra lair of foaming around the head and neck area of a child. This safety feature provides protection from sideways. On an event of emergency like car crash the head also moves in sideways and have a possibility of ramming something like the window or door. Side impact protection prevents it from happening.
  • Five Point Harness – During a car crash the baby gets thrown away from its seat. When it does so, it has a great chance of getting an injury on the neck or ribs. These parts aren’t fully developed in a child. That’s why the baby needs something that will equally distribute the force of impact. A five point harness does the trick. It has saved thousands of tiny lives.

Final Thoughts:

Its all about car seats for children. We think children to be angels and the best gifts that God has offered us. The death of countless number of children in road accidents really moved us.

What we’ve found out was that, car seats are the ultimate shield for a child inside a car. We tend to enlighten you about every possible fact on car seats.

Let’s review the info graphics once again. Let’s begin by mentioning some points about buying the best baby car seats.

  • Know About Car Seats – As car seats are very much sensitive and you can’t even dare to compromise with the safety of your child, proper knowledge about car seats is a must. You don’t have to go far for that just browse through the alleys of this website and you’ll be enlightened.
  • Don’t Rush While Buying One – Buying anything for your child can be a overwhelming experience. Don’t get lost in this charm so easily. It’s the question of safety of your child. So we earnestly request you, not to rush. Take your time and examine each and every choice by putting them under the microscope.
  • Read Reviews – Yes, reading reviews can be of great help. By reading different types of reviews from various sources you’ll get proper idea about the car seat’s characteristics. Read all the good things provided by the manufacturers and along with it read everything that the users have to say. This way you’ll automatically know the pros and cons of a product. This research of yours will greatly help you to buy the perfect and best suited car seat for your child.
  • Learn The Use of A Car Seat – If you don’t know the usage of a car seat and don’t know how to use it, it will do no good. You should start by learning the installation of a car seat. You may seek professional help if you have to. Wrong installations of car seats have already cost too many precious lives. Stop it from happening anymore. Never ever forget that your own child could be the next victim.
  • Measure Your Child – You should take the measurements of your child’s weight and height before you buy its car seat. You have to cross match the measurements with your targeted car seat. Make sure the capabilities match.
  • Know Your Car – You have to know what type of car seat your car has. See if it supports the LATCH system or the locking mechanism or child safety seat. If the two doesn’t go together it will be a disaster. So, be alerted on this matter.
  • Look for Additional Accessories – Often some additional accessories are to be bought with the safety seats. These accessories include many things from mirrors to car seat protectors or pot holders. Look for them in different baby equipment supply stores or online stores.

We hope that the information presented above clearly elaborates the infographic and dictates you in the right path to buy a baby car seat for your child as you expected.