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Britax Skyline

As a booster seat, the Britax Skyline car seat accommodates your kids till they begin to weigh about 120 pounds. The seat was also designed with a side impact protection to keep your kids safe even if you are involved in a collision.

In this review, we will look into the top features, pros, cons as well as compare it to 3 other booster seats


Top features

With the Britax Skyline Seat, your kids can ride with you on a long journey as the headrest is there to make the ride enjoyable. 

The Britax Skyline booster car seat has an overall width of 16.5 inches. This makes it narrow enough to be used for a 3 across positioning in most backseats. Though the seating area for your child is about 12.5 inches deep by 12 inches wide. The seat falls backs to allow your child seat comfortably with a 15 inches armrest.

2-layered side impact protection

The Britax Skyline car seat has deep side walls which aids to keep your child safe, no matter their size. Their body is shielded by 2 layers of Side Impact Protection.

Side Impact Protection is especially important at the lower weight range, i.e. those that still weigh so little.

The side curtain airbags on your vehicles may not go down low enough to protect the child in the event of a collision.  The car seat then makes up for the difference with its Side Impact Protection. .

10-position adjustable headrest

It has a headrest that has up to 10 adjustable positions to allow your child to grow with the seat. You can keep stretching out as they grow taller. The adjustment allows up to a height of 27.5 inches to 35 inches.  It also adjusts easily with a one-handed hold.

Another advantage of the seat is that the headrest adjustment takes place behind the fabric of the seat. The fabric can stretch to accommodate the headrest. This may make it look like it’s a merged and seamless fit.  This would ensure there is no soring of your child’s neck.

Other Features 

  • It has dual removable cupholders
  • The dishwashers are safe for dishwashers.
  • It has Premium lower anchors.
  • It can carry kids who weigh between 40-120 lbs


  • Expiration Up to 10 years
  • Vehicle headrest not required
  • Height range 38 – 63 in. 
  • Weight range 40 – 120 lbs


  • Lowest shoulder belt guide position 15 in.
  • Highest shoulder belt guide position 22.5 in.
  • Width at armrests 16.4 in.
  • Width at cupholders 20.75 in.
  • Width at the back of the base 14.5 in.
  • Width of head wings 16 in.
  • Width at side wings 20 in.
  • Height with headrest fully extended 34.5 in.
  • Seat pan depth 14 in.
  • Seat weight 12 lbs


Britax Skyline vs. Highpoint

Highpoint 2 Booster Seat

The Britax Skyline and the Britax Highpoint are booster seats made by Britax. They are both used as high back belt-positioning booster and but don’t convert into a backless booster. The two seats also come with a similar weight limit. Both of Britax Skyline and Highpoint are advised to be used for a 40-120 lbs child.

To aid your growing child, the two booster seats come with a 10-position fast adjust head restraint. With this, you can keep your growing child comfortable sitting on this car seat. 

Both of the booster seats come with soft and breathable knit fabrics. This should bring your child a bit of cool and comfortable during hot weather. 

The secure guard belt-positioning clip is present in both the Britax Skyline and the Britax Highpoint. The Belt-Positioning Clip can assist you to secure and positions the vehicle lap belt quite easily. The Britax Highpoint also has a rigid belt guide that is absent in the Britax Skyline.

Side-impact protection

We can find an exterior impact padding lodged in the Britax Highpoint as the third layer of side impact protection. However, the Britax Highpoint comes with three layers of side impact protection. But with the Britax Skyline comes with just two layers of side impact protection. 

With the extra layer of side impact protection, Britax Highpoint is more secure when it comes to a side-impact collision. 

With an overwhelming similarity followed by differences with the two products, that surely isn’t all with it. The two models are positioned on various planes when it comes to pricing. The Britax Highpoint is an expensive version of the Britax skyline. With that in place, let’s check out the next models up for comparisons.


Britax Skyline vs. Chicco Kidfit

Chicco Kidfit Booster

The Chicco Kidfit is as much a booster seat as the Britax sideline. However, the Chicco Kidfit offers a bit more flexibility as it can also serve as a backless booster. It gives room to dismantle the back from the rest of the seat.

and height limit

Popular booster seats do not fit your child until they are around 4years of age.  This means you’ll need another seat within their forward-facing car seat and a booster seat. However, the Britax Skyline booster seat belongs to this category.
Well, with the Chicco Kidfit you get a different offer.

This model allows you to seat even kids that are 3 years old without fear for their safety. This model works for children as young as three. But their maximum limit falls short that of the Britax Skyline.

Increased Weight Limit 

The Britax skyline can accommodate kids that weigh up to 120 pounds while the Kidfit can take just 100pounds. 

The height also differs as the Chicco Kidfit has a height limit of 57 inches. With the Britax Skyline kids that measure up to 63 inches can fit into the booster seat.

However, the Chicco Kidfit is a lot more padded than the Britax Skyline. But that doesn’t take away the fact that they are both exceptional seats in their league. If you are checking out their price then you don’t need to worry as they come closely following each other.


Britax Skyline vs. Graco Turbobooster lx

The two models, Britax Skyline and Graco Turbobooster lx are seats you should choose as a parent if you want a safe transition for your child’s car seat. Both with expandable limits, you can be sure you wouldn’t need to buy a new seat so quickly.

The Duality 

Graco Turbobooster LX

The Graco Turbobooster LX as a high back car seat offers you duality of purpose. The 2-in-1booster seat combines a car seat and a removable back. This would help for when your kid grows a bit older and no longer requires the back support.

The Britax Skyline as a booster seat is designed as such to provide your child with the required back support. They ensure your child is well relaxed when seated. This might seem a bit limiting but in the case of a long journey, you would want them comfortable throughout the ride.

The Weight Difference 

Furthermore, let’s check out how they each weigh and how far their harness goes. The Britax Skyline is characterized by a weight range of 40 to 120 pounds. On the other hand, the Graco Turbo booster lx goes for a weight range of 30 to 110 pounds.

The height range, of the Graco Turbobooster lx, is stated at 38 to 57 inches max. But the Britax Skylines offers more at a range of 38 to 63 inches max.

You might notice the Graco Turbobooster has a similar height and weight range. Well, they are both of the same class as well. Let’s check out the last model placed in comparison with the Britax Skyline.


Britax Skyline vs. Diono Cambria

Similar to many grounds, the Britax Skyline and Diono Cambria share similar weight limits. They both can carry kids that weigh between 40 to 120 pounds. Their height also measures at 38 to 63 inches each. 

However, their top belt guide does not share the same range. The Diono Cambria belt guide can stretch out to 21 inches while Britax Skyline is approximately 23 inches.


Cambria High Back Booster

The general weight of a car booster seat allows for its mobility. The Britax Skyline is remarkable lightweight as is the Diono Cambria. 

The Skyline weighs about 12.1 pounds and the Diono Cambria weighs around 12 inches. They are apart by barely an inch. So, if you need to alternate the seats between vehicles you wouldn’t have to stress.

As a plus, if you need your kids to take public transport or any other carpooling functions you can carry the Diono Cambria along. Your kids do not require any form of adult assistant to set themselves up. 

You don’t seem to get this with the Skyline as they need your help installing the seat. Made to be user friendly, the booster seat also has a consistent belt fit to keep your kids secure and reduce any forward movement.

Finally, when it comes to price, the Britax Skyline is placed at a higher price than the Cambria. This doesn’t make either of the less desirable, as they are both made quality.

Final Verdict

The Britax Skyline is a durable and comfortable booster seat that is easy to use and fit in several cars. It’s also relatively lightweight so moving it between vehicles doesn’t seem a challenge. It has also been verified to be safe during a collision.

With the top belt guide, you can be sure that any initiated from movement would be restricted. This means your little ones stay right on their seat and you don’t have to worry about them leaving the position