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Britax Pinnacle ReviewBritax has always been a popular name when it comes to child safety seats and their Britax Pinnacle is unquestionably the greatest convertible seat (combination car seat) that they have to offer.

Weight  & Height Limits

The Pinnacle can be used for kids from 25 lbs up to 120 pounds. The limits are just above the limits of an infant car seat. This weight limit is up to 90 lbs in the forward-facing harness position.

Why Choose Britax Pinnacle?

ClickTight, the easiest method for installing a car seat is the frontrunner. CoolFlow, a unique feature captivating the world of those in the market for car seats. SafeCell Impact Protection keeps your bundle of joy safe. 

Many factors, such as safety, price, ease of use and luxury features come into play when deciding on the right device to protect your son or daughter. Before you take your baby anywhere with you, even home from the hospital, you need a car seat. So, you must begin shopping for your car seat well before your delivery date. However, look no more and do not stress yourself out about it because the Britax Pinnacle is your winner. 

When you are shopping for a car seat, there are a few important things to take into consideration. Price, functionality, safety, features, comfort and size are just a few of the many aspects to consider. Let’s take a look at the Britax Pinnacle, one of the best car seats on the market!

Top Features 


With a cool, mesh fabric, this car seat is designed to provide comfort that feels cool and airy, like a cloud. This provides a cooler and a much more comfortable car ride. The mesh fabric provides superior air flow and tons of breathing room. For those that live in hot climates, this is a huge plus!


We’ve said it before, safety is paramount. And with the Britax Pinnacle, many safety features are present.

Britax’s safety package is known as SafeCell and packs a punch. The car seat has three layers of side impact protection (Britax’s patented Side Impact Cushion Technolgy) to help to reduce the impact of a crash by absorbing some of the energy before it even reaches the child by pushing air through vents when the cushions become compressed under the severe force from a crash. 

Britax actually says that this feature reduces side-impact crash by forty-five percent. The car seat is sturdy, based on a steel frame with an impact-absorbing base. Another great safety feature is the forward movement-reducing v-shaped tether, which reduces the child restraint system’s motion. 

Both Safecell feature and the side impact protection features make the pinnacle car seat to be the safest convertible car seat.


The patented ClickTight technology makes for very easy installation into your vehicle. Reviewers claim that all you have to do is open up the ClickTight panel, strap the seatbelt across the indicated green stickers and then buckle it up, while closing the ClickTight panel.The system is so user friendly that you can install it within seconds. 

What We Like

The Cool Flow feature, the safety features and the ease of installation are certainly eye-catchers, but that’s not all that there is to love about this car seat. One thing that stands out, but is sometimes forgotten is the buckle stop feature.

Adjustable Headrest & Straps 

This is a small piece of folded and soft webbing that is directly attached to the harness that allows for the harness to be pulled out of the way so that the child can be easily put in and out of the car seat. 

Speaking of the harness, it has nine positions that are completely adjustable and it actually grows with your kid. This makes it very easy to switch from a harness to the booster with the belt by actually tucking the straps and buckles into the car seat. Adjusting the straps and the headrest can be done effortlessly.

Very Comfortable Seat 

Comfort is written all over this car seat. The seat and headrest are softly padded and the car seat features many different reclining features to allow for the perfect angle for your child. This feature also provides for an easy vehicle installation angle. Sometimes, fitting these car seats into cars can be tricky, but this feature eliminates that worry.

Long Lifespan 

This model is said to have a long nine-year lifespan and reviewers raved about the ease of the instruction manual. When in harness mode, the Britax Pinnacle is approved by aircraft for travel on airplanes. Reviewers also mentioned that this car seat is extremely easy to clean. All that you have to do is remove the cover and hand wash it. 

What We Don’t Like

The harness adjuster is said to be slightly stiff and is too far back on the very back of the car seat for some to reach. Consumers have stated that they feel the straps are very difficult to tighten all the way, a nuisance for some. The car seat itself weighs twenty-six and a half pounds, which we view as a little heavy in comparison to other brands. 

Bulky Car Seat 

I must admit that it’s a bulky car seat. It is not very suitable for small cars. The seat is the best car seat for minivans.  The seat is available in three color schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the Britax Pinnacle Convert to a Booster Seat?

Yes, this car seat does convert to a booster seat. To convert it, you lift the ClickTight panel and this will essentially uninstall the restraint. To do this, you do not even need to remove the car seat from your vehicle! This makes for easy and hassle-free conversion. It is nice to know that there will be no struggling to toggle this back and forth.

Does The Britax Pinnacle Have An Expiration?

Yes, the Britax Pinnacle has an expiration of nine years. This is a fairly long time for your child to be in the same seat, making this cost-effective. Although it is not necessarily a “grow with me” model, the conversion feature along with this long expiration is a nice feature. 

Are There Any Recalls on The Britax Pinnacle? 

Yes, on Britax’s website, there is information regarding a recall for models between 2014 and 2015. This recall entailed a flaw with the harness adjuster button, a safety hazard. It was outlined that the harness adjuster button was getting stuck and remaining pressed in the “release” position after the harness had already been tightened.

This was causing the shoulder harness to be loose due to the child moving around within the car seat, a huge safety feature. Britax corrected this by sending out repair kits to anyone affected by this defect. 

How Does The Britax Pinnacle Compare With Britax Grow With You? 

Britax Grow With You ClickTight Plus and Britax Pinnacle ClickTight are both advertised as a Harness Booster car seat. They both convert very easily from a car seat to a booster seat. They both can also be used in two separate styles, a Forward-Facing Harness mode and Belt-Positioning Booster Mode.

Both the Pinnacle and Grow With You ClickTight Plus are designed with ClickTight installation system, which enables the user to have a very easy installation. The weight limit for the Pinnacle is twenty-five to ninety pounds and the weight limit for the Grow With You is twenty-five to sixty-five pounds. The Grow With You is a little more expensive. 

How Does The Britax Pinnacle Compare With Britax Frontier? 

Just like the Grow With You, the Frontier offers many of the same excellent features. The main differences are price (the Frontier is less expensive), the Pinnacle weighs more at twenty-six and a half pounds and the Frontier only weighs twenty-five pounds, and the Pinnacle has an extra layer of side impact protection. The added safety feature definitely makes up for the extra pound and a half!

Are There Any Pinnacle Accessories? 

Yes, there are seat protectors, cup holders, back seat mirrors, travel bags and more. You can purchase a myriad of accessories to get the full accessibility and versatility out of this car seat. 

Does the Britax Pinnacle recline?

Yes, to use the recline function, all that you have to do is pull the little lever beneath the seat to adjust the recline angle that works best for installation and for your baby’s comfort. It should be noted that the recline pitch must be set prior to installation. 

How Long Is The Britax Pinnacle Good For?

The expiration date for Britax pinnacle is 9 years from the manufactured date(source). 

How Do You Install the Britax Pinnacle?

To install this car seat, it is easy! All you do is open up the front of the Pinnacle car seat and then buckle the seat belt across the seat. There are green indicators to stretch the seatbelt across. Then, just click it and the seat will lock. The seat will be locked in place. 

Is the Britax Pinnacle Worth It?

Absolutely. This product combines price, safety and comfort and delivers an excellent product for you and your baby. 

Ideal Combination Seat 

After taking a look at the Britax Pinnacle, it is obvious that this checks off all must-haves across the board. With the ClickTight technology, safety comes easily, as it offers proper installation within a short period of time. 

CoolFlow technology is amazing for hot climates and summer months. This will keep your baby cool and comfortable, no matter how long the ride is! The SafeCell safety package offers relief in that you can trust that this car seat or booster seat will do its job in keeping your child safe. 

Because this car seat is both a forward-facing harness seat and a booster seat, it is made to last and endure with your child. It has one of the highest weight capacities out there, as it lasts nine years and will stick with your son or daughter until they no longer need a booster seat. That is quite a smart investment!