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Britax Advocate Review

In this review of the Britax Advocate car seat, we will examine the top features, what we like, what we don’t like, offer comparisons with other convertible models, and list FAQs.

 Advocate has been one of the top models (for years now) in car seats market. It scores highly for safety and security. Overall, we give this a 4.5 out of 5.

The excellent quality and top of the line features are what the Britax family of car seats are known for.

Top Features

Most car seats have standard features, but The Britax Advocate features over the shoulder, 5-point safety harnesses; rear-facing seats that convert to forward-facing; top tethers; recliner feature with indicators; and more!

If any of those terms is unfamiliar, don’t worry. We will be giving you all the information you need to make a good comparison of car seats available on the market. And we know that once you have heard about the advantages of the Britax Advocate, it will be the only car seat you consider investing in.

5-point Safety Harness

The Britax Advocate 5-point safety harness has five straps that meet at the click point in the center of your baby’s chest. These straps are anchored to the car seat, the actual car, or both.

The five points are the two shoulders, two hips, and crotch. This configuration holds the body snugly in place while allowing some freedom of movement. Statisticlly, a properly belted in Child, with a 5-point safety harness, is as safe as a race car driver!


If you are going to invest a great deal of money into a car seat, why not make sure it’s convertible? That should be one of the first questions new moms ask about a car seat – can it be used for both rear-facing and front-facing?

Your baby will start with rear-facing, but for the remainder of their car seat years, they will be front-facing. How do you know when to switch? First, find out what your state law says. Every state has specific guidelines for height and weight limits on car seats. The Britax Advocate limits are as follows:

–Britax Advocate rear-facing height limit: 7.6” to 18.65” (shoulder height)

–Britax Advocate rear-facing weight limit: 5 lbs to 40 lbs

–Britax Advocate front-facing height limit: 12” to 18.65” (shoulder height)

–Britax Advocate front-facing weight limit: 20 lbs to 65 lbs

–Britax Advocate child standing height limit: 49” (4 ft, 1 in tall)

Once your child has outgrown the front-facing guidelines, it’s time for a booster seat, but this doesn’t generally happen until they are 7 or 8 years old. So, if you take excellent care of your Britax Advocate, you can use it for as long as your child needs it!

Top Tethers

Not all car seats come with a top tether. This extra level of protection is just one more point where the car seat connects to the car, which helps prevent the seat from coming loose during a collision and possibly throwing your baby from the vehicle.

Top tethers go over the back of the seat in most vans, SUVs, and crossovers, and attach the Britax Advocate to an anchor in the cargo area.

7-Position Recline with Indicators

Studies have shown that infants and toddlers are susceptible to a type of asphyxia (suffocation) when their heads are not properly aligned during sleep. The Britax Advocate has seven possible reclining positions with an indicator to tell you when your baby’s position is appropriate and safe.

What We Like

The Britax Advocate Car Seat has multiple features that make it a prime choice for moms everywhere, like the Britax Advocate Harness Indicator, the Britax Advocate ClickTight Installation, and the Britax Advocate Impact Safety Tech.

Harness Indicator

Just as it is important to have your child’s head properly reclined and positioned, it is essential to ensure that the harness is properly set and locked. The Britax Advocate comes with a harness indicator that tells every mom when the harness is securely and appropriately locked in place. The harness can be positioned 14 different ways to ensure a good fit regardless of your baby’s size.

ClickTight Installation

The ClickTight Installation of the Britax Advocate helps every mom secure her child’s car seat safely and quickly.

Pop open the front of the Britax Advocate, load the seatbelt across the path indicated by instructions, buckle the seat and close the front. It takes less than five minutes to ensure your child’s seat is secure in the car.

Impact Safety Tech

No one wants to think about what would happen to their baby or toddler in a car accident, but with the Britax Advocate, moms can be reassured that their baby is quite well-protected.

The Britax Advocate has an Integrated Steel frame that acts as the base for its SafeCell Impact Protection Feature. The Britax Advocate also employs an impact-absorbing base and side-impact protection, created by a kinetic-energy-absorbing shell, sudden movement head defense, and deep foam side cushions. 

What We Don’t Like – The Disadvantages 

Unreliable Straps and Latches

Reviewers say that the straps and latches tend to twist and tangle. One reviewer pointed out that when trying to install the seat, it required a lot of tugging and pulling to get the latch system to work.

It can be difficult to install certain types of car seats in certain types of cars. While this could have been the issue, far more consumers insist that the installation is a breeze.

Too Wide

Another issue with usage is the width of the seat. For moms with smaller cars, the Britax Advocate takes up lots of room. If you have multiple children, multiple car seats, or booster seats in addition to the Advocate, you could have difficulty fitting everyone in safely.

This also makes it quite heavy and hard to transfer from one car to another. Larger seats will always be more cumbersome, but as one mom pointed out, it was like buckling her child into a safety bubble.

Padding not Durable

Some users had trouble with the padding either coming undone or not being washable as advertised. Others said that the padding began unraveling when as their toddler got older and started pulling on it. With the Britax one-year manufacturer’s warranty, these types of problems could allow you to get a replacement seat – if the problem is with the manufacturing.


The main issue we find with the Britax Advocate is the price. New moms often don’t have a lot of money lying around and the Britax Advocate is one of the pricier car seats on the market today at around $385. However, most users say that it is absolutely worth every penny!

The Advocate vs The Boulevard

What is the difference between Britax Advocate and Britax Boulevard? The Boulevard has only two sides of impact cushion while the Advocate has three. The Boulevard is slightly lighter due to its design, but the Advocate is larger with more impact absorption.

The Advocate vs The Graco 4ever

What are the differences between the Britax Advocate and the Graco 4ever? The Advocate offers 7 positions for reclining and the 4ever offers only 6. The Advocate offers three-sided impact cushion – but the 4ever doesn’t list how many sides it covers. 

The Advocate vs The Nuna RAVA

What are the differences between the Britax Advocate and the Nuna RAVA?  The Britax Advocate has three side impact protection cushions while the RAVA only has two.

The Advocate has seven positions for reclining and an indicator for peace of mind that your baby is safely positioned; the RAVA offers only five positions with no indicator. The Advocate is also less expensive with more safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is Britax Advocate Good For?

It has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a ten-year expiration date.

How long does it take to install the Britax Advocate?

To position the seat, thread the belt, and lock in place should take only a minute!

How do you adjust the recline on a Britax Advocate?

There is a handle on the front of the seat that you lift to recline the seat. Align the seat with the reclining indicator for a sure and safe reclining position for your child.

Where can you buy the Britax Advocate?

Britax is available on Amazon.com, US.britax.com, other baby inspired websites, and retailers like Target, Burlington, and Kohls.

Do I have to replace it if we’ve been in an accident?

Yes. While the Britax Advocate is a premier car seat that protects like no other, federal law does require that car seats that have been in accidents must be replaced as they could have hidden damage.


Are you ready to make that investment? The Britax Advocate is the right choice for any family that needs to protect their babies, toddlers, and youngsters in the car. The protection offered by the steel frame construction, three-sided head protection, and 5-point harness are exceptional. We hop you are ready to join the Britax family once you hear what it’s all about!