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Best Convertible Car Seat for Small CarFinding best compact car seat for small car, can be a huge pain. Furthermore, all of the small cars don’t have enough space to accommodate extra seats.

The issue of compact car seats comes up when having to fit more than 1 car seat per car or fitting a car seat in a small car.

In those situations, you have to choose a car seat that’s compact and safe. After hours of research, we came up with the best compact car seats for small cars.

5 Best Compact Car Seat for Baby 2020

1.Maxi-Cosi Pria 85

The Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Seat for small car has come with the technology of FlexTech energy management. This is the only one convertible car seat having highest weight range up-to 85 pounds. This small car seat provides an aristocrat ride.

A child weighing between 14-85 pounds can easily ride in that premium car seat. The CosiComfort, the padding and the premium fabrics ensure the highest comfort for your beloved child. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 seat provides enough space for other passengers and its special design makes it easy to fit in your small car.

Air Protection Technology 

The Air Protection technology of this seat is smart enough. The headrest of the seat can easily adjust. The seat can easily remove over the frame and the pad of the seat is unsnapped. It is very easy to get your child in and out for having the handy harness holders. It has a side cup holder for your child’s food. The seat can be converted as your needs. It has both options, rear-facing and forward-facing. Deep rear-facing and one-click LATCH system are also provided by the car seat.

The technology of FlexTech energy management will save your child from the crash forces. Its side-impact technology of Air Protection will save your little one’s neck and head. The headrest can adjust as you want the comfort for your child.

The handy harness holder helps you to move your child comfortably. The adjustment of deep rear-facing makes the installation of Pria 85 easy and quick. You can simplify the installation of your seat by one-click LATCH system. Its cup holder helps you to provide foods to your child. The seat can easily clean and it will also make your life simple. To clean the seat, you have no need to remove the seat and you can clean it with a machine. The main advantage of cleaning is that the seat is dryer safe. These advantages are rarely found in other seats.

2. Chicco NextFit, Matrix

Chicco NextFit is one of the best convertible car seats for small cars. Comfort and safety features are provided by the Chicco. It has also a foolproof system, which makes it possible to install in the maximum vehicles.

It has both options, forward-facing and rear-facing. It has 2-position clip for chest and it has also 5-point harness. The design of the seat is convertible and this design provides forward –facing and rear-facing positions.

The seat contains a special kind of foam. The foam is called EPS energy absorbing. It has dual indicators for level. Chicco NextFit has SuperCinch LATCH tightener which uses the technology of force-multiplying. This seat has built-in lock-offs system for belt. The headrest has provided six positions. You will get Leveling System of ReclineSure which has 9 recline positions in the seat.

The fabric of the padded is high class. The measure of the seat is 25.1″ D x 19″ W x 29.2″ H and the weighing is 25.1 lb. The Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat provides 1 year of the manufacturer’s warranty. The bottom base is smooth and it will not damage your vehicle’s seat.

EPS foam of NextFit provides enhanced protection. The deed head wings have EPS foam which will save your child from side-impact crashes. Any type of child can be fitted here. Even newborn baby will fit in the seat without any problem. The SuperCinch technology of Latch makes the installation of the seat easy and comfortable.

The rear-facing position and the forward-facing position ensure the safety of the children when they are in these seats.  In rear or forward-facing position, convertible design can be used in any of the positions. The Management System of ComfortFlex Harness makes the procedure of loading or unloading painless. The bubble level indicators of Dual RideRight correctly indicate the right angle of the seat for non problematic installation.

Compact slide path has made the LATCH strap easy to re-position it without re-threading. Compact adjustment of harness has 6-position headrest. The seat belt can be installed easily for its advance technology. The padded fabric is washable. You can easily wash it with a machine. Most important thing is that, NextFit has got the approval to use their seats in the aircraft. That is why; Chicco NextFit has become as a best convertible car seat for compact car.

3.Safety 1st Grow and Go

Rear-facing harness is suitable for 5-40 lbs and forward facing harness is very suitable for 20-65 lbs. You will get also a feature, which is known as belt-positioning booster seats and it allows the child from 30 to 100 lbs.

The smart car seat has been made to keep your child safe. The seat is made with steel and that gives the seat more durability and strength. To meet the US standard of the seat, the seat has been crash tested and engineered.

In many examinations for proving its best quality, the smart seat has proved that it is the best. EPS energy-absorbing foam is used here for effective impact energy management. NHTSA or the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration has examined the seat of Safety 1st and the NHTSA has given 5 star rating. The Safety 1st smart seat has gotten the highest rating of government for its quality.

Easy Harness Adjustment 

For easy and quick harness adjustment, the Re-thread harness has been removed. The seat has a head rest for your child and it has 6 positions to adjust the headrest. Rear-facing, forward-facing and belt-positioning booster has made the seat usable for any age child. The durability and strength ensure the safety for your child.

The locking indicators are properly used on the seat to install it properly. The level indicators of the seat help you to eliminate the guesswork of installation. It provides an easy and quick harness for adjustment. The headrest of the seat has 6 positions to adjust and that will ensure the best comfort to your child. The head rest will also keep your child’s neck and head, if the car faces any accident.

Energy-Absorbing Foam 

EPS energy absorbing foam is a special kind of foam, which is used to keep your child safe from crash’s side impact. Flip-up armrests of the seat make the loading and unloading procedure of baby easy and comfortable. The cup holder is placed near the seat and it can provide the baby food when the baby will be hungry. The cushion of the seat is machine washable. For these qualities, this seat is the best travel car seats.

4.Combi Coccoro Lightweight

The Combi Coccoro is a very suitable car seat for a small cars for its lightweight and perfect fittings. People can accommodate three car seats in their vehicles’ rear seating for the compact design of the Combi Coccoro seat.

The thick sidewalls and EPS energy-absorbing foam is provided by the Combi True-Safe Protection for the Side Impact when the car will face any accident. The strap of the tether connector has been provided for rear-faced tethering.

The indicator of buckle gives you a visual cue and that helps you to be sure about the harness, whether it is securely buckled or not. The insert infant is removable and this feature is very comfortable for the children. Front harness can be adjusted by the one-pull system. For the easy installation of rear-facing and forward-facing, the seat is provided with the built-in lock-offs mechanism. The harness pads and cover are removable and easily washable. The push buttons of the LATCH connectors are premium.

Ideal For Smaller Cars

The compact fitness and the lightweight make the seat so suitable to use in smaller vehicles. The thick sidewalls and the energy-absorbing foam will save your child’s neck, head, and spine from the crash energy. The connector straps of tether help the seat to stay stable in any collision. The buckle, built-in lock-offs, and advanced LATCH connectors ensure the highest security for your child.

The compact model of Combi seat and lighter weight make it usable for most of the vehicles. The lighter weight also reduces the shipping cost when you will buy it from overseas. Coccoro seats can accommodate those children, who are from 3 to 40 pounds. The forward-facing and the rear-facing system make it able to accommodate them easily. The infant insert which is removable provides a pillow for the comfort of the small babies. The harness pads and the cover of the seat can be washed by machine. It is very easy to wash the seat than the other normal seats.

5. Safety 1st Guide 65

There two modes are provided by the Guide 65. One is rear-facing, which is for 5-40 pounds. Another is forward-facing, which is for 22-65 pounds. The compact design makes it fit in the rear seating of the vehicles.

You will get the advance protection for side impact. The fabric of the seat is premium quality. For the adjustment of up-front, Guide 65 provides 5-point harness. The head rest of the child is adjustable and this adjustable system is given for the comfort of child passenger. The body pillows are given with the seat and it is also removable. Near the front of the seat, a cup holder is given for baby’s food and it is also removable, if you want to remove it.

Machine Washable 

The advance model of LATCH is also equipped for the safety of your beloved child. The Guide 65 seat’s weight is 14 pounds. The fabrics of the seat can be washable. We can say it is a good convertible car seat for small car without any confusion.

Rear-facing and forward-facing modes keep your child safe and comfortable. The deep wall on both sides provides the highest security to save for your child from the side impact of any collision. The compact size will not create a problem when you will install it in your small vehicle. It also gives enough room in the big vehicles.

Adjustable Headrest 

The headrest is adjustable and this adjustable system will ensure the comfort of your child. Body pillows can be easily removed and this removable option makes the seat more usable. Cup holder also removable and this cup holder is also a necessary thing in the journey. High security is being provided by giving the advance system of LATCH. Keeping the fact of comfort in mind, the Guide 65 has provided premium fabrics for the baby passengers. The pad and cover are suitable to wash. You can wash it by machine cleaner.

Benefits of Compact Car Seat

If you have a small car, you should have an idea about the accommodation and safety of your family members. You have to be conscious about purchasing things about your compact car.

Having a small car creates a problem many times, like accommodation. For that purpose, a compact car seat can make you much benefited.

First of all, the size of this seat is compact and the weight is also light. That makes it very easy to install or carrying the seat as you carry your child. The compact car seat does not take a large room in your vehicle. That is why you will get enough space by installing this car seat.

The people, who sit in the back seat, will not get enough space to sit in the back seat of your small car. But this seat can solve the problem. The compact sized car seat does not take extra space and beside that it also let the people to sit in the back seats comfortably.

About the safety issue, travel car seat is the best seat for safety. In many tests, it has proved that it is safer than any other seats for children. It can save your child from every side. It can do the same safety performance both in small and big car.

When you have a small car, you may not have enough space both for infant carrier and convertible car seat. You can also save your money by not buying 2 things at a time. So a convertible car seat is enough as a safe seat and as an infant carrier. For its light weight you can easily install it in your small car.

The Pros & cons

Considering the safety issue of your child, the compact car seat is best for a small car. But there also some negative sides of convertible car seat. This seat may not be fitted by the newborn babies. It is not so much reclining as the newborn babies. And the seat is harder for the children who will journey on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you make yourself prepared for purchasing the best car seat, you may become confused about buying the best one. Many questions can arise in your mind about purchasing the best compact car seat. Here we are giving the answers of 5 frequently asked questions.

Q. If the rear-facing convertible seat does not get fit in my small car?

For your kind information, more than 5,000 convertible car seats have been installed in small cars. These selected convertible seats have compact designs, which will not create any problem in your small cars.

But you may face some problems for the contours, humps of the car seat, when you will go to install it. To solve the problem, you can take some special equipment from the safety seat’s dealer to install it perfectly.

Q. Is rear-facing position safe for a child?

We can give you a survey report about accidents that people died. 52% for frontal impacts, 27% for side impacts, 16% for other type impacts and remaining 4% for rear-end collision.

So you can understand that why rear-facing position is safer than any other position and why we are suggesting the position for you.

Q. Is rear-facing baby’s feet are safe when the feet are touching the seat back?

You may get tensed, when you will see that your baby’s feet are touching the back seat. You will feel nervous by thinking that the feet will get jammed, if your car meets an accident.

But you have nothing to worry about it.

In many crash tests, the expert team has examined that in rear-facing position, the babies will not suffer any foot injuries if their feet are touching the car’s back seat. On the other hand, in forward-facing position children can suffer feet or leg injuries.

Q. How a newborn baby can be secured in the safety seat?

You have to strap your babies securely in the seat when they are facing the rear-facing position. You have to carefully strap your baby over their body. Crotch strap, shoulder straps and other straps should be locked properly.

You have to learn about the best seat which is safe for your child. The center of the back seats is the best safe place to place the convertible car seat for your child. You have to fill up the spaces of the sides of the baby. The removable pillows, seat belts and tight fit are very important for securing the safety of your newborn baby.

Q. When I can turn my baby to forward-facing position?

When your baby’s age will be at least two years old, you can change the position to front-facing. Front-facing position is not allowed for the babies who are below 2 years old.

In a front side crash, an infant cannot bear the frontal impact. The baby can die from the front side force of the accident. By dint of the best convertible car seat for small car, more than 2 years old child can tolerate the force and that baby will survive.

Finally …

The car seats, which are mentioned here, can be slightly pricey who want to save money. But these seats have the best features …

If you want good quality, then you have to bear the cost. The features of the seats make it usable for any small or big car.

By buying any one of the convertible seats, you can stay tension free about the safety issue of your child. Hope that after reading the article, you get the ideas about the best convertible car seat for your small car in 2020. Your confusion will be reduced when you will take the decision about buying or ordering best one.